Chia pudding # PP

I don't know a faster breakfast, ніж чіа пудинг ❤☺ Він містить багато клітковини, minerals and vitamins. Useful and tasty.


1. Chia seeds – 2 st.l.
2. Milk or yogurt – 200 ml
3. Honey – 1-2 ch.l.
4. Fruits (kiwi, banana, apple, orange etc).
5. Flax and sesame seeds – by 1 ch.l.
6. Nuts.

Method of cooking:

In the evening, pour chia seeds, sesame and flax with cold milk or yogurt. Put in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning, decorate the pudding with fruits and nuts.

The second version of the pudding – add to seeds 1-2 st.l. oatmeal not instant cooking. Pour milk or yogurt. Leave overnight in the refrigerator.

Це всеСмачний, поживний, а головне швидкий сніданок готовий 👍

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