5 phrases, which should not be told to sons


For some reason we got used to it, that boys should not show their tears. Someone put adults in our heads, what if the boy cries, then it is a manifestation of weakness. They also came up with a humiliation, calling them "cries", "Grandmothers", "Nurses"… And in fact, tears are the safest way out of negative emotions.

If the baby's eyes are wet, it is best to say: I understand. You are sad / painful / unpleasant. But it will pass.


It is normal to feel fear. Even adult men can feel fear in some situations. So why do we require little boys to be brave and stop being afraid of the dark in an instant, dogs, of water, height or other hazards. Fear is the basic basis of self-defense.

When you see, that your child was scared, tell me: So, you are scared / scared. I understand you. But you can handle it (we will cope together / let me help you).


This is also one of the old stereotypes. We do not want to say now, that girls need to be beaten, but these representatives of the beautiful half can "give heat", more boys themselves. And therefore it is better to bring up the boy, without focusing on gender: NO ONE can be offended, but DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE to offend yourself.


Feelings of shame destroy the adult, not to mention the nursery. When a child hears similar phrases, then perceives it so, as if “she is bad, does that, that is not expected of her. And because of that it should feel bad. ". This is a kind of manipulation. Think, do you personally like it, when you are manipulated???

If you don't like your son's action, then say so: This is a bad thing and I am very unhappy. But I still love you. Please, don't do that anymore! Let's discuss, what can be done next time in a similar situation.


It would seem, what's wrong with this phrase? And if this phrase sounds on autopilot, not paying attention to the specific merits of the child, then this is the wrong praise. After all, the child will eventually try to just please you, be comfortable. And if as a child you can not earn your love, then in adulthood will constantly please others, showing his "goodness".

You did it much better, than I expected / in. It was so cool done. You can be proud of yourself! These phrases will become more appropriate,if you want to praise your son.

Finally, I want to say: speak and treat the child this way, as you wish, that she treated herself!

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Welcome to grandmother 8 March verse

Awaiting the arrival of spring always look.

Tender sunlight, light one breeze, and the first flowers, of course, 8 March.

This holiday will not only girls and women, but also boys and men, who want to congratulate your friends, sisters, grandparents, mothers, wives and daughters.

In this article you will find out greetings 8 March for grandmother in Ukrainian, who will examine children of all ages.

Kids from 3 to 6 years can congratulate their grandparents these verses:

I welcome native Grandma, From March, clear day, I wish you happiness I, To you lived without problems!

I friend my grandmother long ago. And we, - I tell you, - Throughout her at the same time. This is my grandmother - the best in life. A grandmother hands - well, just gold!

Honey babusenko, clear sun!Let your fate will be fine! Let the days pass, Let the summer run, And thou, grandmother, always young!

And older kids will explore these greetings:

Kiss today grandmother, Congratulate her on the holiday, My ancient and beautiful light, Let it smile these days. Drown red tulips, WITH 8 March, you dear! Kiss in old hands, How well, that I have you!

granny, thank you! According kindness and, According sincere prayers, And for warmth. For they, that my life, You, like the sun siyayesh, For all I thank you, From 8 March welcome!

Our grandmother, best in the world, We wish happiness, give flowers. To cultivate the sun and the stars to always warm and you had health. To know sorrow, we ask fate, Good for you and joy, mother, enough...

Sunrise over snow, Heat is not far off, Eighth March came, And brought greetings! We will tell you we word: Always, always healthy, smile fun,

Beautiful living poetry warm your soul grandparents.

Best wishes for a daughter to 8 March Ukrainian language

8 March - a celebration, when men give women their most native. This is not only beloved wife, mother mother, loving grandmother, but the cutest girl in the world - daughter.

We believe, that fathers advance purchase gift, and a holiday morning, or the night before will buy a beautiful bouquet, but warm greeting words just will not be redundant.

If you want to greet your krovynochku in verse form, then the following cards for you.

In this holiday of spring, His incomparable Don, I send greetings Solar I and best wishes!Let the smile roses, Let tulips are sending bow, Let it be a life of love and smiles chime!

WITH 8 March welcome, my daughter, peace, Happiness and love spring, May God's grace mound hands, And love will be wrapped days.

Ladybug, Zvezdochka, swallow soap, Let your fate will schaslyvaHay your eyes sorrow not know, Star wound another 100 years meet.

The March sun does not shine even heat, And in my house my sun, For the best in life, that our children, WITH 8 March thee, my happiness.

daughter, I sincerely want to welcome eight kisses you, All, that the world is nayrksche - wish, You - my love, you my schastyachko.

Living pictures will be useful not only fathers, but mothers, Want To greet his daughters on the holiday.

7 Easter eggs decoration ideas, from which the kids will be thrilled

Easter – family celebration. In terms of most native people preparation process always bright, peace and joyful. Give your kids vivid emotions, decorated with their traditional Easter eggs.

Using markers and food paint, draw or convert emoji eggs on cartoon characters. In particular due Ninja Turtles, Puppets and characters popular computer games, Easter 2018 will be unforgettable for kids.

That idea, on which will be delighted with your assistant.

Works aboutcombines and positive charges, therefore requiredCreative necessarily with children.

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