Ukrainian carols for children

Ukrainian folk carols for boys and girls. За старими звичаями діти щедрують ввечері 13 січня напередодні Старого Нового року. This evening called generous. Hence the name – schedruvaty.

~~~~~~~~~~ 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

generous evening, good evening,
Good people on health.
A pan, as host.
Hostess, as viburnum.
And little children, like flowers.
generous evening, good evening,
Good people on health!

~~~~~~~~~~ 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

give vareniks!
Grudochku clover,
Ring sausage.
And again a little –
Give fat.
And yet not all –
Give pig!

~~~~~~~~~~ 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

With our well
Drink water Tit.
And you, young woman,
Bake loaf,
Remove from oven,
We have to give cakes.
generous evening, good evening,
Good people on health!

And for these words the same whether the pan is healthy,
From the hostess and with kids.
Vinchuyemo is your happiness, Health control,
Happiness, and health and happy new year,
Happy New Year and long age!

~~~~~~~~~~ 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

Schedrivonka schedruvala
Schedrivonka schedruvala,
ran at the window,
What do you, aunt, napekla,
Delivers us to the window.
What do you, Uncle, we napik,
Delivers us up the floor.
Mother said, to give fat,
father rebuked, not to baryvsya.

~~~~~~~~~~ 5 ~~~~~~~~~~

Shchedryk, vedrik, carry your dumpling,
Grudochku clover, kilechko sausages.
Move Knysh, Let the house for a mouse.
Move sausage, For utter vsyuhatu.

Українські народні щедрівки для хлопчиків та дівчат.