How posivaty? Rites of the Old New Year.

how posivaty, posivayut young boysVery soon, 14 January, wake up at dawn lot owners, which came posivalnyky – young boys, that the Old New Year should bring happiness, good luck and wealth.

A few hundred years ago, it was difficult to find a home, who decided not to let the yard posivaty, but this tradition is slowly disappearing.

And no wonder, because now at 4 am the door you can see the adult male, requiring open, or boys, who do not know the simplest poems, but expect money, for what came.

And there are even those, who do not know the difference between shchedruvannya and posivannya, so more often in the morning the door may knock a young woman – symbol of failure.

It is to avoid such embarrassments, Our ancestors identified several mandatory rules for posivalnykiv.

  • It is important to remember, posivaty that can only young boys, let the girl home New Year's morning was considered a bad omen.
  • Posivalnyky were not only go into the house and sprinkle grains, but with special poems and songs to wish the hosts a generous harvest, wealth and health. It is, if posivalnyk bad copes with wishes, it can drive the broom, as these people take home in luck and prosperity.
  • Few people know, posivalnykam that no case can not give money, then not to sit the entire year without finance. For their generous desire to be grateful sweets and treats.

paholkuvannyaPosivaty tradition came to us from pre-Christian times, when the New Year was celebrated in spring, and grains had a special sacred meaning for people. On the night of 13 on 14 January meeting called melanka and Basil, two saints, which helped farmers.

How posivaty:

  • pre-cook corn. What it varied, all the better. Often used posivalnyky wheat, rye and barley.
  • You can not posivaty bare hands, Traditionally posivalnyky must be warm gloves.
  • posivalnyk part of the house with two bags: one grain, second – for treats.
  • posivalnyky have fun and genuinely welcoming hosts short song: “Shoyu, viyu, posivayu …”
  • the sooner will come the first posivalnyk, the more happiness and luck will bring it in the house.
  • posivaty go only children and young boys, because their thoughts cleaner, and often wish fulfilled.

Corn, which scattered posivalnyky not be clean until sunset, not to sweep the house wealth and health.

siysya born rye wheat, poem for posivannya, greeting with Basil

Shoyu sow sow, vinshivka, Greetings from Old New Year, posivannya

Ilya walks to Basil, vinshivka, Greetings from Old New Year