8 advice, how to raise a child a good assistant

7 advice, how to raise a child a good assistantYou want, that your baby has grown a responsible and responsive to you and others? Then childhood he needed to emphasize certain household duties.

The first such duty will be cleaning toys, further - it might be drawing you laundry (small child will gladly look the same pair of socks), help in washing dishes (child takes, and mom or dad wash dishes). First, your son or daughter will do it with you, and eventually you will not notice, as they make it yourself.

Portions, parents, do not allow your child to help us, because we believe, which then have to redo everything exactly. But this is the wrong approach. When you bounce once or twice, third baby might not offer help. Sometimes parents think, it's better that the child does lessons, visiting groups and sections, but at home they cope alone. But this is not true tactics. Personal success and achievement should not be more important than taking care of loved ones.

8 advice, how to raise a child a good assistant

If you want to raise a child a good assistant, then here are some tips:

  1. Ctezhte your words. Praise the child for, it is a good helper, not just tell her "thank you for your help". So you raise her self-esteem and she feels useful and important.
  2. Rozplanuyte children's schedule. To teach children to plan their time and teach her to order, add the case to its home schedule (after music lessons, painting, dance or sports training).
  3. Turn it to the game. So, like all kids love to play, Turn homework responsibilities for the game.
  4. Do not pay money for help. Money can reduce children's motivation, as it is more like a business deal.
  5. Let those tasks, are useful for the whole family. If you simply want to help a child, it is best to say: "Clean up in the living room" , than "Clean up their toys". "Wash the dishes" instead of "wash the dishes after themselves".
  6. Do not use the phrase "do housework". This phrase sounds clerks. Better to say: "Let priberemo", whereas household chores do not become routine.
  7. Do not associate with negative household duties. You can not order a child for any offense homework Affairs. Do not complain when your child, you already tired after all wash dishes and clean up all the time at home, because the child will take an example from you.
  8. Do not ask the child more, than it can. Small-do list, which can carry children depending on age. A child aged:

2-3 years – collects toys, sweeps the floor and makes his own clothes on a chair;
4 years - Helps serve a table, feeding pets, helping mom or dad about making the bed after sleeping;
5 years - Rozlivaє flasks of water, milk or juice, cleans the room, answers the call, makes waste;
6-8 years - Pure vegetable peeler, beats carpet, preparing a sandwich, vigulyuє dog;
9-10 years - Replaces bedding on the bed, makes shopping, somewhat can iron out, plans own birthday, sews buttons;
11 years - Stays at home with a younger brother or sister, watching their clothes, decomposing food on plates, serves table, removes from the table, washing dishes, puts to bed younger, reads them a story.

Follow these simple tips, and soon notice, As your children become real helpers.Developing a website for children, family site, audiokazky, recipes, because sihologa