Three Little pigs. A fairy tale from the video

Tale of three brothers, are built every winter to afford houses. One piglet built a house of straw, second – with boards, and the third – of bricks. Whose house was also the strongest and adventures are waiting for pigs?

Source: YouTube Tales in Ukrainian

Nikita the Tanner (audiokazka)

Nikita the Tanner, audіokazka online, listen for free, In ukrainianThe famous tale of hero Nikita the Tanner. Kids love to hear it. Especially boys. Because power was in fact incredible Kozhemyaki. so, that he was mortified Serpent, to not cause harm to people and not losing.

flagIn ukrainian:
prapor2Russian: expected

Lassie (audiokazka)

sulfur, Once Upon a Dog, audiokazka online freeUkrainian folk tale “Lassie”. Indifferent to this tale and seemingly not found. Immediately mentioned Cartoon “There once was a dog”. His love and children, and adults.

Old dog, named Lassie, owner drove out of the yard. For it became him to bring a lot of trouble: then mistress perechepytsya through it, then owner, and even the thief into the house unnoticed proberetsya… That was Lassie himself all alone in the woods.

Rukavička (audiokazka)

glove, audіokazka online, listen for freeRukavička – Ukrainian folk tale. Winter grandfather lost in the woods warm glove. Could not this thing in a cold remain the just lie on the snow. Each of the animals, who saw her, could not pass it. Everyone wanted to keep warm.

Lion and the Hare (audiokazka)

Lion and the Hare, audіokazka online, listen for freeLev – king of animals, strong and fearless. But the smartest nor cunning. Not always the strength and power wins over reason. Listen, has achieved little cowardly rabbit because of its cleverness.