Lion and the Hare (audiokazka)

Lion and the Hare, audіokazka online, listen for freeLev – king of animals, strong and fearless. But the smartest nor cunning. Not always the strength and power wins over reason. Listen, has achieved little cowardly rabbit because of its cleverness.

Mr. Kock (audiokazka)

Mr. Kock, audіokazka online, listen for free, Ukrainian folk taleMr. Kock – Ukrainian folk tale about an old cat, which drove home, and a cunning fox, that could all the animals in the forest deceive. Namely – all were afraid that Mr Kock. Here's how it all happened…

Straw bull – pitch barrels (audiokazka)

solomyanyy straw bull barrels, audіokazka online, listen for free, Ukrainian folk taleLonely elderly grandparents have done for themselves straw bull, and sides resin anointed him and cared about him. He thanked them for. How? Listen to audiokaztsi “Straw bull – pitch barrels”. Related Searches – Andrew shamelessly.