Ukrainian folk carols for girls and boys

Ukrainian folk carols

Remarkable, fabulous time following the celebration of the new year. There is an opportunity to remind kids carols and carols. Carols boys and girls 7 January. Sometimes begin to sing in the evening 6 January, After sunrise the first stars.

The first carol “New Joy” – favorite carol head DNC Epiphany

~~~~~~~~~~ 1 ~~~~~~~~~~

New Joy, which had not been,
Over den star shone bright light.

Where Christ is born, was incarnate of the Virgin,
How pathetic man shroud opovyvsya.

Shepherdess with lamb before the Child
At knees fall, King-God praise.

- Oh, the king, the king, heavenly lord,
Give this summer schaslyviyi home owner.

Give the owner, grant hostess,
Give our glorious summer schaslyviyi Ukraine.

~~~~~~~~~~ 2 ~~~~~~~~~~

Good evening to you, Mr. host, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

veiled tables, and all carpets, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

And put the cakes spring wheat, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

For you to come to visit three feasts, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

And that first feast - Christ Christmas, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

And the second feast - St. Basil, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

And the third feast - Epiphany, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

Let us celebrate our entire family, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

Our whole family, glorious Ukraine, Hail!
Oh Hail, land, The Son of God was born!

~~~~~~~~~~ 3 ~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, dear Jesus, better, like the flowers,
Embrace self today Ukrainian children.
To have good, To have schasni,
and reasonable, and healthy, How beautiful flowers like those.
You, Son of God, on fragrant hay,
Give us happiness and a better share of his native Ukraine.

~~~~~~~~~~ 4 ~~~~~~~~~~

In Bethlehem -
In the stables on the hay -
Christ is born
All salvation!
People, rejoice,
Christ salute,
son of God
give glory!
Glory in heaven
Holy God,
On earth peace

~~~~~~~~~~ 5 ~~~~~~~~~~

Christmas carol, carols, kolyadnytsya,
Good with honey loaf,
And without honey and not as,
give, Uncle, nickle.

Odchynyayte box
And let's Cream,
Odchinyayte chest
And let p`yatachok.

~~~~~~~~~~ 6 ~~~~~~~~~~

Kolyadyn, kolyadyn, I, grandmother, not one.
Bring forth patty and we lay in the bag,
With hands, with legs, us to run.

Kolyadyn, kolyadyn, I am a father,
On lap coat, give, Uncle, pie.

Kolyadyn, kolyadyn, I am a father.
Does not surprise me, sausage lashtuyte.

Kolyadyn, kolyadyn, and I am a father,
At the break coats, carry your donuts.

~~~~~~~~~~ 7 ~~~~~~~~~~

Oh went carol
The streets of the city,
In stichkah silver,
In light necklace.
Sparkles merry
Scattered snow,
“God's son born!” –
All notified.

~~~~~~~~~~ 8 ~~~~~~~~~~

Vaud Bethlehem today news:
Virgin gave rise to Son,
Swaddled in a manger among bydlyaty,
God rested on hay neobnyatyy.

For cherubim sing praise,
The angelic choirs Pan soar,
Shepherd is poor, that can,
To podaryty child of God.

A bright star in the world cry:
Messiah joy, brings happiness!
Until now all the hassle of Bethlehem,
God zvytayte a poor child!

By the light of the stars, somewhere far east
Followed by three bishops princely family,
Gold gifts, frankincense, chrism
Suddenly a pure heart are in Ophir.

Mary Mother of the Son cherish,
Joseph old veil heating,
The king of the universe in cold and pain
Bless us to a better fate.

dear Jesus, we are not rich,
Gold can not speak to give gifts,
But the gift of the world tsinniyshyy nesem,
This belief hearts, Love is shtira.

Look true eye, Son of God,
We land in Ukraine,
Turned aside her greatest gift from heaven,
To cha t glorified forever and ever.

~~~~~~~~~~ 9 ~~~~~~~~~~

Eternal God was born,
Today the came from heaven,
To save a whole nation,
And utishyvsya.

Born in Bethlehem,
Messiah, Christ our,
And lord, for all of us,
We are born.

Oznaymyv is the Angel of God
Pre pastors,
Then stargazers
And the earth beast.

Virgin gave birth to a son,
hundred stars, where Christ
Pure bride
Son gave rise.

Trieux kings bearing gifts
To Bethlehem-town,
Where the Blessed Virgin
Son forth that.

Shew them be stars,
In the way of God,
When will, with donkey
They oznaymyla.

"Trieux kings, which go?”
"We go to Bethlehem,
Vinchuyem peace *
And povernemsya ".

Another putem back,
Bad, bezstidnu,
Bezbozhnu Іrodu
not told.

Joseph Angel says:
From Child and fallopian,
With bydlyatkom, oslyatkom
Hai Xia bury.

“Thank God!” - sing,
Honor the Son of God
our Hospodevy
Give bow.

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