How to behave, adult stranger when your baby cries

Situation, when the baby cries alien adult, may occur on the playground, in store, playing children's center. Too often children not only, but also the parents do not know , how to behave in this situation.

How to properly react in case, When a drop of blood on your stranger raised voice? We will answer this painful question:

Imagine the situation, your child has without someone else's toy and mother of the baby "educates" your ...


Before the older child feels helpless. Of course, comments when making native people, the baby knows, what kind of reaction to expect. Another situation, when this person unfamiliar ...

If it did happen so, that your child stranger raised voice, the first thing you must enclose her baby from her. Then quietly, respectfully greet and meet this man. Even, if you are very angry, remember, that your baby close and important to show by example, how to find a way out of conflict.


When you find out the reason, why your child fell under the "distribution", sit him, that your eyes were at the same level (All general questions, you want to discuss with kids is always held in this position, and in any case, despite the child from top to bottom).


Show them their gestures, expression, you understand, she did not want to offend anyone. Be sure to spend limit "his-alien".

Remember, the children to 2-3 years is difficult to distinguish their own and other people's things. They eagerly watching the other children play, do not like to share your toys while taking every thing in their field of view without, thinking, that everything belongs to them. So try to teach a child from childhood to ask permission to take a toy, who liked, and to thank and apologize.

Be sure to be on the side of their own baby, Show, you do not let him talk to bad. It is appropriate to negotiate with another mother, what to do in the future, if the situation persists.


In general it is better not to intervene in children's conflicts and allow the kids to find their own way out (Of course, if not come to fight). If you can buy a child a toy because of which there was a conflict, we promise to give her child.


Never vidchytuyte child in front of others. best, When a child has rest on the way home, or better yet home to analyze what, what happened, the child has learned,how not to get into similar situations.

Not to speak child, how to behave. better ask, What is so committed child. But do not ask questions directly, "Why are you so committed? Did I not say to you ... "

Build better questions so: "You took a toy, but thought, she draw?», "You probably liked the toy and you would ...?"etc.. Ask leading questions and help your child find itself out of the problem situation.


This approach will help your child feel more competent and in a difficult situation based on a, If you do not get into this situation.