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about girls and about hlopyat, Audio-tale, audio poem
On the girls and the boys (2:36)

Kitten named Woof, well hidden cutlet, audio fairy online
Koshenyatko on іm'ya Woof. Well shovana boilers (1:07)

Vova in the kingdom of Far Far Away, Boris Stepantsov, audio fairy online free
Wolf to Neverland (7:50)

petia-i-krasnaia-shapochka, Peter and the red cap, pyetya and red cap, audiokazka online free, audio fairy free, Boris Stepantsov
Pyetya and Red Riding Hood (10:04)

locomotive of Romashkovo, audiokazka listen online free
A train from Romashkovo (3:17)

volk-i-telenok-audioskazka, wolf and calf, audiokazka listen online free
Wolf and calf (7:53)

ago, audiokazky listen online free

forward, audiokazky listen online free