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ivasyk-telesyk-audioskazka, іvasik Telesyk, audiokazka, listen online, free, Ukrainian folk tale
Ivasik Telesyk (11:59)

Dr. Aibolit, audio fairy, audiokazka, online, free, is free
Doctor Aybolit (7:15)

Who said meow, audio fairy, audiokazka, free, is free
Who says “meow” (4:12)

brave boy and night, audio fairy, audiokazka, online, free, is free
Brave boy and Aunt night (3:49)

learned how to keep teeth vovchyk, audіokazka online, audio fairy
As learned vovchyk protect teeth (11:21)

I'm lying in the sun, as the lion and the turtle sang a song
As Levenyatko and Turtle sang a song (5:57)

forward, audiokazky listen online free


We all come from childhood. As we've ever,and our kids now, very fairytale like to listen to at night. Audiokazky and rhymes – wonderful find for modern parents, which do not always have the strength to read before bedtime. So sometimes treat yourself – audiokazku enable children and listen together or make their own case.

In this section we will collect audiokazky and poems for children, as the youngest and older. Choose to your taste and your child's age.