When the child is ready to go to kindergarten

when to give a child to kindergarten, when it's time to dyt.sadok, testGive the child to kindergarten or not? Perhaps, it would be better at home with mom, nanny or grandmother? How to understand, whether the child is ready for kindergarten? These questions concern sooner or later most moms. This is not surprising, because the trip to kindergarten – this is the first baby parting with family.
So start from the beginning.

To give or not to give the child to the child's educational establishment's up to parents, including mother. Only it (if the mother is on leave to care for a child) can understand, whether the child is ready to parting with it, because he knows her baby, as "peeling". Sometimes it may seem, that the child will be better at home with mum, grandmother (grandfather) or nanny. But trust, no adult, which would psycho-pedagogical knowledge she did not have, which would be a great experience working with children would not have, can not replace a child to communicate with peers. Indeed, when the baby falls into the group of their peers, it gives him the opportunity:

  • learn to put off their needs (wait your turn);
  • realistically assess their abilities and weaknesses;
  • learn to share (toys, lyubov'yu)
  • learn something from other children;
  • meet other adults and understand, they differ (by – differently praise, scolding and comfort);
  • develop tolerance and learn to respect differences;
  • learn, that other children also boast, feel, fear, etc..

But, if you still decide not to give the child to preschool, Slide your be sure it into early childhood development centers, where it spent even a little time without your presence. Say what you like, among peers and your baby quickly learns to master himself, learns better and gain new knowledge guaranteed, which will cheer you – mom and dad, which more than anything in his life wish him happiness.

More ... How to understand, the child matured to march in Regulations? Your child is more or less ready for kindergarten attendance, if it:

  • often wants to do things on their own;
  • may remain for several hours without parents (grandmother, Friends, with nurse);
  • adult expresses their wishes, needs and opinions;
  • played with other kids without the presence of parents ( in another room);
  • she knows how to take care of themselves (partially dressed yourself, eat without the help of adults, can ask for toilet, wash hands, etc.)

when to give a child to kindergarten, when it's time to dyt.sadokBut, in addition to all the above, you need to pay attention to the age. The most optimal age to start kindergarten attendance – three years. But there are exceptions, when the child begins to walk without problems into the garden in 2-2,5 years. Or vice versa: and 5 years are not psychologically ready for separation from mom and stay in children's groups. It depends on the temperament and character of your child.

If your child sanguine, then the sooner you give it to kindergarten, all the better. For optimal age phlegmatic - 2-3 years, choleric - 3-4. But if your child melancholic, do not rush to give it away Psychologist. Better to wait years 5-6.

Also note the particular nature. If your child is physically well developed, restless and always finds new employment, it can give to kindergarten even 1,5- 2 years. If your baby eagerly Turns books, watching TV, likes diversity, always says something, you can try to lead them in a children's institution in 3-4 years. But if your child is late to start talking, Likes to listen, rather than telling herself, the previously 5-6 years in children's team it will be difficult.

And finally ... Before taking your child to the children's educational institution, Give an honest answer themselves: but are you ready, your child attended kindergarten.

We propose a simple test, which will help determine Is the child ready to go to kindergarten.