Kotigoroško (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Kotyhoroshko" - a story about the unusually strong guy, who went liberate sister and six brothers from the clutches of predatory, dangerous snake.

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Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Sun and clouds (audiokazka)

"The sun and cloud" - an interesting audiokazka of grace, generous sunshine and overcast, set Hmaro. Author exemplary works - the famous Italian children's writer Gianni Rodari.

Audiokazka sun and cloud

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The fox and the cat (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Fox and the Cat" Brothers Grimm - instructive and interesting. The heroes of this story had a different knowledge base. Keith had only one science, and fox - hundreds. In addition, Ore was a huge bag of tricks. And if he helped her?

Audiokazka November and cat


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Fear big eyes (audiokazka)

"Fear big eyes" - an interesting audiokazka-grandmother of klopotushku, granddaughter-veselushku, kvohtushku chicken-and-mouse norushku, which occurred suddenly on the way bunny.

What ended the meeting, Find out right now!.

Audiokazka Fear big eyes

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A pot of porridge (audiokazka)

"A pot of porridge" - light and easy-to-understand legendary tale of the Brothers Grimm. This story teaches kindness and generosity, makes it clear, for that good things always waiting for compensation.

Audiokazka pot meals

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Fox and Crane (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Fox and Crane" - interesting, witty and yet cautionary tale. It reminds listeners of an important thing: you should not do with others, as there would, to do with you.

Audiokazka fox and the crane

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