Test: Is the child ready to go to kindergarten?

test: or the child is ready to go to kindergarten. when a child is ready for kindergartenPlease read this test and select, characterized your child. The more positive statements - the more likely to avoid heavy and prolonged adaptation.

Your child:

1. No tears left without mothers with other family members or friends


2. Independently eat and drink


3. She falls asleep without nipples, bottles or motion sickness


4. Attempts to independently dress


5. Asking for pot


6. No problem is in contact with children


7. With great pleasure attracted the attention of other children


8. Emotional, When communicating with people


9. Prefer to play with children, rather than with toys


10. During the Games reveals its own initiative


11. Do not cruel to peers (beats, not shtovhaєtsya)


12. No bad habits such, obkusuvannya as nails, picking nose etc.


13. Likes mold, paint or other kind of fond of creativity


14. Interested in new things and toys on a visit and a walk