A pot of porridge (audiokazka)

"A pot of porridge" - light and easy-to-understand legendary tale of the Brothers Grimm. This story teaches kindness and generosity, makes it clear, for that good things always waiting for compensation.

Audiokazka pot meals

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Fox and Crane (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Fox and Crane" - interesting, witty and yet cautionary tale. It reminds listeners of an important thing: you should not do with others, as there would, to do with you.

Audiokazka fox and the crane

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Bremen Town musicians (audiokazka)

Bremen Town Musicians Grimm - is a fun and interesting story about friendship, ingenuity and mutual. The popular German tale makes it clear, that any obstacles and adversity can be overcome with fellow believers.

Audiokazka Bremen Town Musicians

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (audiokazka)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Grimms' Fairy Tales of the difficult relationship between the stepmother and stepdaughter. This fascinating story of unbearable jealousy, Witchcraft and evil. A pro will good, friendship and love, who always win injustice.

Snow Ukrainian Audiokazka

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Princess and the Pea (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Princess and the Pea" - known work of legendary author Hans Christian Anderson. This story reveals simple, but important truth about finding happiness, which may at any moment knock at the door.

Audiokazka Princess and the Pea

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Kryven'ka duck (audiokazka)

Audiokazka "Kryven'ka duck" not only interesting, but also very instructive. It says childless grandparents, who violated the ban and could not keep in his beautiful and hardworking girl duck.

Audiokazka Kryven'ka duck

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