Palyanitsa s cheese

If you are bored cheesecakes, zapikanka, dumplings and other dishes with curd, we suggest you to prepare an unusual loaf. You it will not take long and you will discover the taste of the original dish.


Palyanitsa s cheese, step by step recipe with photos

  • wheat (how many will take the dough);
  • cottage cheese – 500 town (You can snack cheese);
  • egg – 1 PC;
  • bunch green onions;
  • salt;

Method of cooking:

prescription (7)Zamíšuêmo sadness Tsh't:

  • 1 glass Vod;
  • meal;
  • 1 ch.l. salt.
prescription (1)Cut small green onions. Curd, mix with salt and eggs.
prescription (4)Tear off a piece of dough and rozkatuyemo it into a thin cake. Land wafer grease oil, good to stretch the dough.
prescription (5)The edges of cut cake, on 8 parts. Put the stuffing in the middle of such a diameter, as your pan.
prescription (6)Next you need every edge segment, pulling it, cover mid-way, that was not dyrok. When everything is closed, Roll gently thorn, that increased in size loaf. Be careful not to got cottage cheese.
prescription (2)Loaf lay on a heated pan and fry in vegetable oil on both sides. Fry better since the smooth side. At will after frying, loaf can be laid out on paper napkin, to pick up oil residue.

prescription (3)

French meat

Veal Orloff often prepared for the festive table. This dish can be one of your favorite. Juicy steak soft under viscous cheese plus vegetables – a perfect combination. How to cook the meat in French? Read our recipe, we prepared. It is quite simple.


  • chops in the oven, recipemeat (pork) – 1 kg;
  • eggs – 2 PC;
  • Cheese is hard – 100 town;
  • tomato – 1 PC;
  • flour panіrovki;
  • salt, pepper, parsley – to taste.

Method of cooking:

chops in the oven, recipeCut the meat into pieces, fight off, salt, season with spices.
chops in the oven, recipeMix the eggs with herbs. Meat in flour zapaniruvaty, and then in eggs.
French meat, chops in the oven, recipeShare on meat hot pan. Fry until cooked (~ 10 min. on each side).
chops in the oven, recipeGrate cheese, Cut tomato slices. Optionally, you can also cook fried mushrooms.
chops in the oven, recipeShare meat on brazier, top to put tomato and parsley. Put in preheated 180 degrees oven for 10 minutes

chops in the oven, recipeThen sprinkle with cheese, and return to oven for another 2 -3 moments.

Best French meat taste hot. Serve at the table immediately after preparation. Bon appetite!

chops in the oven, recipe

Zapikanka curd

We offer traditional snack pudding recipe. The benefits of this dish Nobody questions the. This is the real source of calcium and protein. Especially, if you use cottage cheese home, eggs and sour cream. The recipe is simple. Cooking with cottage cheese casserole in the oven will.


delicious casserole, recipe– Cottage cheese – 500 town;
– Egg – 3 PC;

– Sugar – 3 st.l;
– Semolina – 3 st.l;
– Cream – 3 st.l;
– Vanillin – pinch.

Method of cooking:

delicious casserole, recipeBlend sugar with electric mixer until thick foam eggs.
delicious casserole, recipeMix cottage cheese, sour cream and whipped with sugar eggs. Stir (for best effect, you can use a blender).
delicious casserole, recipeLubricate the form of butter and put the mixture into it. Put in preheated 160 degrees oven for 60 – 85 min., depending on diameter form. If the form has a diameter, it will be higher zapikankka, and it needs more time for baking.

Once you remove the casserole from the oven, let it cool slightly (minutes 15), and then out of the mold, cut and serve at the table with sour cream or honey. On your taste.

delicious casserole, recipe

Cake M'yach (recipe)

I offer you a delicious sponge cake recipe called “M'yach”. Pineapples, that part of it, add wonderful freshness. In summer this cake especially delicious, when stand up in the refrigerator. My mother was preparing his grandfather's birthday. Everyone liked.


cake m'yach, recipe, bakingSponge:
– eggs – 6 PC;

– meal – 100 town;
– sugar – 200 town;
– weeder – 1,5 ch.l.;
– vanillin – pinch.

– cream – 2 P. by 400 town;
– sugar – 200 town;
– prunes – 1 Article;
– gelatin – 2 bag on 15 town.

Pineapple slices kontservovani.

Method of cooking:

cake m'yach, recipe, bakingSeparate the whites from the yolks in two different bowls.

cake m'yach, recipe, bakingProteins refrigerate, and other protein egg yolks and sugar glass vzbyyte mixer.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingAdd baking powder to flour dough. Stir.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingAdd the flour to the yolks with Massa and stir mixer.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingDitante proteins from the refrigerator and vzbyyte boiled foam.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingParts of adding proteins to the test.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingSlowly mix it all with a spoon, lest “score” dough.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingIn the form, place the baking paper and brush with butter. Put the dough and place in oven (180 degrees) on 30 – 40 minutes. Through 15 minutes to cover the dough with foil, not burnt to the top (depending on the oven)
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingWhile the cake is baked – Prepare cream. To start vzbyyte cream with sugar.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingFinely chop the prunes.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingPrepare gelatin. To do this, take half a cup of cold water, Put 30hr gelatin and let nabuhnuty.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingNext, melt it in a water bath. (If you have instant gelatin – fill it with boiling water and stir)
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingMix sour cream (warm!), prunes and gelatin.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingWhen the cake has cooled down, thread divide it into three parts. To make it easier to pull the thread through the whole cake – knife outline place for threads.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingIn a deep dish put cling film and put slices of pineapple.
cake m'yach, recipe, bakingOn top put a broken biscuit cake into pieces and pour cream. Then I break another cake, Put on top and pour the cream again.

cake m'yach, recipe, bakingCover the cake last (whole) cake and soak it pineapple juice. Put in the fridge for 2 years.

As the time comes – Cover the bowl with a cake dish and flip. Then remove the plate and tape. Cake “M'yach” ready!

cake m'yach, recipe, baking


Milkshake with cream and peach

I love ice cream and does not like milk :) But if they combine and even add your favorite fruit – you get a real yummy. Prepare ye this peach milk cocktail. Especially it will please your children in summer heat.


milk shake, ice cream and peach, recipe, peach milkshake– ice – 1 packaging or 100 gram
– peach – 1 PC.
– sugar – 1 st.l.
– milk – 200 ml.

Method of cooking:

milk shake, ice cream and peach, recipe, peach milkshakeIn blender bowl put sliced ​​peach, sugar and ice cream.
milk shake, ice cream and peach, recipe, peach milkshakeAdd a little milk andwhisk blender until smooth. Doliyte milk, remaining, and again vzbyyte.
milk shake, ice cream and peach, recipe, peach milkshake Spill milk peach cocktail glasses, garnish with a slice of peach and enjoy the taste

milk shake, ice cream and peach, recipe, peach milkshake

Cheese balls in coconut chips

Cheese balls in coconut chips – this appetizer, that may surprise your guests. An unusual combination of cheese with taste and aroma of coconut appeal to many.


cheese balls, in kokosovіy sruzhtsі, recipe, Witch, breakfast– boiled eggs – 3PC
– cheese – 2PC
– Cheese is hard – 150-200 town
– mayonnaise – 2 st.l.
– coconut stružka 1-up
– garlic – 3 cloves

You may substitute cheese for cottage cheese. It will also be delicious.

The method of compounding:

cheese balls, in kokosovіy sruzhtsі, recipe, Witch, breakfastGrate cheese, cheese and eggs in shallow Grater.
cheese balls, in kokosovіy sruzhtsі, recipe, Witch, breakfastAdd mayonnaise and garlic. Stir.

cheese balls, in kokosovіy sruzhtsі, recipe, Witch, breakfastFrom the resulting mass to make balls and obkachaty them in coconut chips.
You can decorate beads sesame seeds or chopped dill. This is, who like to taste.

Share cheese balls on dishes and serve up. Enjoy your meal!

cheese balls, in kokosovіy sruzhtsі, recipe, Witch, breakfast